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Voting During a Pandemic: Just Say No to Notaries

The League of Women Voters and voters across the state scored a big victory in the name of democracy yesterday. The Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled that Oklahoma state law allows voting by mail without a notary. The law says a voter simply needs to sign under penalty of perjury that their absentee ballot is valid. This signature requirement is the same for many legal documents and for now extends to mail-in ballots. Instead of supporting this measure of flexibility during a public health crisis, my opponent spent today trying to figure out how to stop the result of this court decision.

My opponent decided against safer voting, especially for vulnerable people across the state, and instead proposed a bill to re-instate the difficult notary requirement. Now there are some folks who believe the notary rule prevents fraud, but the evidence of voter fraud is slim, and many states successfully vote by mail with no notary. We allow military personnel serving around the world to vote by mail in our state. In fact, the President of the United States cast his last ballot by mail with no notary stamp. The facts are clear that voter fraud is far less of a problem than Senator Treat might have you believe. The fact is Senator Treat is scared that making voting easier will hurt his chances of re-election. Instead of supporting the Constitutionally-protected right to vote, he wants to make voting harder. He is willing to play politics with Oklahoma's voters' lives. Wisconsin saw a higher than expected number of COVID-19 cases after their voters lost mail-in voting opportunities. We should never ask voters to choose between their health and casting their ballot. Senator Treat is more concerned with protecting his re-election and continuing his career as a politician than he is with protecting the voters of our state. Get in touch with Senator Treat and let him know that vote by mail without a notary is the best choice for our democracy.


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