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It's official!

Today I filed to run for Oklahoma State Senate District 47. I've never filed to run for office before, but I'm guessing the mood is much different when you aren't masked up and ready to reach for the hand sanitizer. But I am proud to run during this moment for our state and for our nation. Now more than ever, Oklahoma needs leaders who are as concerned about our vulnerable people as they are about our vulnerable industries. We need leaders who aren't career politicians. We need people who are ready to bring creativity and new ideas to the Capitol. We can't keep doing things like we were before.

As I filed today, I thought about how my background in distance education could be helpful in this moment, and about how my job in the energy sector gives me a unique perspective. Our state and our people are going to face continued challenges as we recover from this pandemic and confront how it has changed our physical and mental health and our economy. I don't think this is a time to elect people who are more concerned about lobbyists and where the money for their next election is going to come from. This is a grassroots campaign. I am ready to lead differently. But I need your support. We have shifted to a social media and mail-based campaign. My awesome volunteers who knocked nearly 1,000 doors during the first weekend of this campaign will get back out there. For now, we need your investment in our campaign to be able to reach the voters when we can't be on their doorsteps. Even ten dollars will get us additional social media reach. I know there are many other causes to give to now, and that everyone is facing greater economic insecurity. If you can't donate, please share posts and tell your friends I am running. Every vote matters. This is a unique time to run for office. To be honest, spending time creating social media posts and thinking about campaign strategy seems so much less important that making masks, or sanitizing all those groceries, or connecting people to resources. In some ways though, electing the right leaders for this changed world is one of the most important things we can do. I am the right leader for State Senate District 47. I need your help to get elected. And together, we can move Oklahoma forward stronger than ever.


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