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Campaign Update

We are closing in on the end of the 2020 campaign season. Like most campaigns, we are shifting to a phone-based, social media heavy, mail and literature dropping effort. We wanted to knock a lot of doors and visit with a lot of voters, but the safety of volunteers and the public is a priority. These kinds of campaign strategies are more expensive, so while I had a dedicated crew of volunteers ready with shoe leather, I am not friends with millionaires or lobbyists. So that means I have to raise more money to fund these social media and mail strategies.

I think anyone who runs for office will tell you that asking for money is hard. I never even liked asking my own parents for money and have been working since I was 16 so I haven't had to ask anyone for money. But here we are. So if a politician calls and asks you for money, know it is just as weird and awkward for them as it is for you. But I also know that investing in my campaign is worth it. The only way to build a better Oklahoma is to elect better leaders, and in our current system, money matters. So when I ask for money to fund this campaign, I hope you will see it as an ask, not for me, but for a stronger, better state and for a representative from Senate District 47 who isn't beholden to special interests and lobbyists who make raising money easy. I am beholden to the people of the district and will serve them every day instead of chasing the money necessary to build a political kingdom.

If you are able, your investment in this campaign is needed today. This is a competitive race and every dollar is used thoughtfully and strategically to win the votes we need to have a true representative of District 47 at the Capitol. Please donate today at


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